Guatemala is found in Central America, bordering México to the north and west, Belize and the Caribbean Sea to the northeast, Honduras and El Salvador to the southeast, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It is located in the tropical zone and it has been called "The Country of Eternal Spring", because of its temperate climate. The average temperature is 75°F and basically there are two seasons: the rainy (May to October) and the dry (November to April).

The country is small (about 108,889 kms.²) but it has a lot to offer to the tourist. The territory's natural richness includes "...lush Caribbean and Pacific Coasts, pristine rain forests, majestic volcanoes, and breathtaking mountains and lakes". One must also add beautiful colonial cities, splendid Mayan sites and, of course, its colorful traditions and its people. All these found within close reach. Guatemala is one of the few countries in Latin América which offer such a variety of tourist destinations.

You can visit:

- Guatemala city, a modern cosmpolitan capital
- Antigua Guatemala, rich in Spanish architecture
- Lake Atitlán and all the villages around it, a contrast of people and nature living together
- Tikal, the ancient city of the Maya´s
- The Pacific Coast and the Caribbean Sea, both beautiful in its own way





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